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BOOK:  Informatics and Analytics Design Strategies


June 2015:

 Judge: Most Wired Hospital - Innovator Award. American Hospitals Association


 May 2015:

 Chair MIT CIO Healthcare Panel. Panel Topic:  Inventing Continuity of Care.
Andrew Watt, MD, , CIO, Southern NH Health System
James  Murray, VP, CVS Caremark Minute Clinic
Richard Singerman, CIO, TrustNetMD
Sumit Nagpal, CIO, Lumira ,

Bill Fox, MarkLogic moderator


April 2015:  Judge: MIT Sloan CIO Award for Innovative Leadership     
January 2015.  Mentor, and Reviewer.  Business Intelligence and Analytics. program. HIMSS 2015 Annual Conference.

YEAR 2014

June 2014:  Judge: Most Wired Hospital - Innovator Award. American Hospitals Association
May 2014:

Chair MIT CIO Healthcare Panel. Panel Topic:  Transforming Digital Silos to Digital Enterprise.

Bruce Metz, PhD, CIO, Lahey Heath Systems

Kristin Darby, CIO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Darrel Hamer, CIO, EOHSS, State of Mass

Shahid Shah, Moderator., CEO. Netspective

Aoril  2014.  Judge: MIT Sloan CIO Award for Innovative Leadership     
March 3, 2014.   Guest Speaker:   Innovative Analytics Platform Design Strategies. Harvard University  Extension School, Cambridge - MA. Course: ISMT E-180 -  Building and Managing Business Intelligence Systems.,
February 11, 2014 February 11, 2014: Lecture:  Architecting the 'Digital Care Enterprise", hst.921-Enabling Technology Innovation in Healthcare and the Life Sciences. Harvard-MIT Center for Healthcare Innovation, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts
January 2014

. Mentor, and Reviewer.  Business Intelligence and Analytics. program. HIMSS 2014 Annual Conference.


YEAR 2013

September 24 2013:  Panelist Big Data Platform Selection for Healthcare Informatics and Analytics, Boston Chief Technology Officers Fall Meeting. Boston, Massachusetts
September 17, 2013:

Speaker. Innovative Thinking When Designing Healthcare Data Warehouse for Informatics & Analytics,

 DAMA International, Hartford, Connecticut

September 16, 2013:

 Speaker. Innovative Thinking When Designing Healthcare Data Warehouse for Informatics & Analytics,

 DAMA International, Boston, Massachusetts


August: 2013:   Judge. CIO-CHIME Leadership Awards
August 2013 Reviewer. Clinical and Business Intelligence, HiMSS'14
July 17, 2013

: Speaker. Information-Driven Healthcare Ecosystem and Patient Safety

 Chief Data Officers Conference, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts

July 2013: SearchHealthIT. Payers model clinical data analytics for population health management
July 2013:  SearchHealthIT. Clinical data analytics design strategies for healthcare providers
July 2013 : SearchHealthIT. The challenges of implementing big data analytics in healthcare
June 4, 2013 : Speaker. Big Data Analytics in Healthcare,   Big Data and Analytics Forum, Washington, DC
April: 2013: SearchHealthIT. Turning information into meaningful healthcare data sets Too Much Information but Not Much Data

May 23, 2012

MIT SLOAN CIO Symposium. http://mitcio.com

Captain: Panel: Healthcare Innovations through Information/Process Re-Design

Judge and Award team Member: MIT Sloan CIO Award for Innovative Leadership


John Halamka, MD, CIO, BIDMC

Cynthia Nustad, CIO, Health Mgmt. Systems

 Micky Tripathy, PhD, CEO Mass eHealth Collaborative

Graham Huges, MD, CMO,SAS

Shahid Shah, CEO, Netspective (Moderator)

April: 2013: SearchHealthIT Care providers and other areas affected by big data in healthcare
April: 2013: SearchHealthIT. Big data in healthcare: Lots of data but not enough analysis? Analytics or Arithmatics?
April 11, 2013:  Judge: : Most Wired Innovator Award 2013, American Hospitals Association.
March 28, 2013

 Healthcare Executive's Workshop - Healthcare Reform & Analytics.  IBM Technical Exploration Center, Waltham, MA


- Naeem Hashmi, CRO, Information Frameworks

- Brendan Fowkes, Sr. IBM Healthcare Solutions Executive

- Liam O'Heir, Vice-President of NES.

March 11 2013.

 Lecture:   Innovative Analytics Platform Design Strategies. Harvard University  Extension School, Cambridge - Course: ISMT E-180 -  Building and Managing Business Intelligence Systems.

March  3-7, 2013

 Reviewer: Clinical and Business Intelligence Track.

Mentor:  Actionable Analytics for Value-Based Purchasing

Health Information Management Systems Society 2013 Annual Conference, New Orleans


Jan 7, 2013

Panelist:  Big Data, Healthcare, and the Learning Organization. New England Healthcare Executives Forum, Waltham, MA
Anita Karcz, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Institute for Health Metrics
Naeem Hashmi, Chief Research Officer, Information Frameworks
Richard Lopez, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Atrius Health
Micky Tripathi, President and CEO, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative 
Moderator: Deborah M Cooper, Enterprise Analytics Consultant
Discussion Topics:
- Big data and patient-centered healthcare;
- Data partnerships for improving patient safety;
- Accountable Care Organizations - redefining clinical care;
 -EHRs and Health Information Exchanges for improving care quality & affordability. 

YEAR 2012

October 2-3, 2012:  

 Judge: HealthMart'12 Conference  Health Datapalooza.  

The Health Datapalooza is an open competition for innovators to demonstrate their solution that met the following requirements:

1) relevance to the theme of patient engagement/ empowerment;

2) scalability of the concept so that it can meet the needs of a large population of people;

3) use of federal health datasets;

4) creativity and innovation; and

5)potential impact on improving individual and/or population health.


Sept 18, 2012:   

Speaker: Building an Innovative Organization---Transforming Human Resources from pure Functional to Strategic level. Human Resources Directors Group.    People who worked during the 1600s to 1700s were lead by a craft in the town that they lived and died. After industrial revolution, machines and factory automation resulted in increased productions. Such performance was measured by throughput of the workforce. In today's global world, the workforce success is measured not by their productivity but on their creativity and innovation. This has led to the transformation of Human Resources role from pure functional to strategic level. They are to lead in crafting overall organizational strategic plan and aligning human resource functions with company strategy. Healthcare Industry is still far behind in emerging innovative culture. It is critical that Human Resources Management teams are to think out of the box to develop and sustain innovative culture within their organization. This is not easy - 'Culture Eats Strategy'. In this brief talk, I discussed several styles of thinking and key elements needed to develop creative and innovative culture. I also discussed how few companies have made organizational changes to successfully implement innovative culture to increase corporate profits.


June 2012- March 2013:   HiMSS 2013 Annual Conference.  Reviewer/mentor/coach  for  Informatics and Business Intelligence Sessions
May 22, 2012:  

MIT SLOAN CIO Symposium. http://mitcio.com

Captain: Healthcare Panel.  Navigating through Healthcare Transformation:

Panelist and Moderator:

Joe Alea. SVP & CTO, Curaspan Health Group

Catherine Bruno,VP & CIO, Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems

Chuck Podesta.SVP & CIO, Fletcher Allen Health Care

Sue Schade,CIO, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Moderator, Sreedhar Potarazu, MD, Founder & CEO, VitalSpring Technologies


Judge and Award team Member: MIT Sloan CIO Award for Innovative Leadership


May 15, 2012:   Speaker: Big Data in Healthcare: Myths and Realities. New England HiMSS Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

Jan  2012:     Judge & Member: CIO-CHIME and HiMSS  CIO Awards Committee

YEAR 2011

May 22, 2011:  

MIT SLOAN CIO Symposium. http://mitcio.com

Captain: Healthcare Panel. Healthcare CIOs Beyond The Crossroads

Panelist and Moderator:

Julie C. Boughn,  CIO & Director, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Franklin Maddux, MD, CMIO, Fresenius Medical Care, North America

Sue Schade,CIO, Brigham and Women's Hospital

William Fandrich,  CIO,  Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Moderator, Sreedhar Potarazu, MD, Founder & CEO, VitalSpring Technologies


Judge and Award team Member: MIT Sloan CIO Award for Innovative Leadership


May 3, 2011:

:Speaker: Innovative Thinking: A talk at Lowell High School's Vibes and Waves in Action. An  NSF funded graduate STEM program at University of Massachusetts Lowell, high-school teachers and students in the school districts of Lowell and Lawrence, Massachusetts.

YEAR 2010

October 4, 2010 Speaker:  The Architectural and Cultural Impacts of Implementing an Analytics Database, The Data Warehouse Institute: Deep Analytics for Big Data - Solution Summit, San Diego, CA.
May 19, 2010


MIT SLOAN CIO Symposium. http://mitcio.com

Captain: Healthcare Panel. The CIO's Role in Delivering New Models of Care

Panelist and Moderator:

Julie C. Boughn,  Deputy Director for Operations, Center for CMS Innovation, CMS

Franklin Maddux, MD, CMIO, Fresenius Medical Care, North America

Joseph M Pleasant, CIO, Premier, Inc.

William K. Wray, COP Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Moderator, Amy MacNulty,  President, MacNulty, Consulting, LLC


Judge and Award team Member: MIT Sloan CIO Award for Innovative Leadership

March 11, 2010 Panelist: . Enabling Technology Innovation in Healthcare and the Life Sciences - Harvard Medical School

YEAR 2009

May 20, 2009

MIT SLOAN CIO Symposium. http://mitcio.com

Captain: Healthcare Panel. Connected Healthcare Systems

Panelist and Moderator:

John Halamka, MD, CIO, Harvard Medical School

Dennis Giokas, Chief Technology Officer, Canada Health Infoway

Gregory Veltri, CIO, Denver Health and Hospital

Ed Park, CTO, athenahealth, Inc.

Richard C. Mindess, MD, CEO and Medical Director,Lower Merrimac Valley Physician Hospitals

Moderator: Dr. Michael Siegel, Senior Lecturer; Principal Research, Scientist, MIT SLoan

blog: Connected Healthcare Systems


Judge and Award Co-Chair: MIT Sloan CIO Award for IT Excellence


YEAR 2008

July 12, 2008:  Interview:  Data Storage and ERPs. Storage magazine July 2008
May 21, 20008


MIT SLOAN CIO Symposium. http://mitcio.com

Captain: Analytics 2.0 T

Panelist and Moderator:

Rosalee Hermens, VIO, Timberland

Imad Mouline, CTO, Gomez Inc.

Kenneth Ouimet, Founder and CEO, MyWorld Investing Inc.

Douglan Tracy, CTO, Rolls Royce

Moderator, Dr. Claudia Imhoff, President and Founder,  Intelligent Solutions Inc.


Judge and Award Co-Chair: MIT Sloan CIO Award for IT Innovation


YEAR 2007

October 11, 2007::


Commentary: A few thought on SAP Acquisition of Business Objects. A mix bag of good and some bad news but mostly a very positive move by SAP for its Business ByDesign initiative. Read online...Download pdf
April 2, 2007:


Commentary: Mind of a Visionary: A few thought on Shai's departure from SAP. Also published at SearchSAP blog
March 25, 2007:


Tutorial: Master Reference Data Strategies for SOA- Based Global Business Operations CDI-MDM Summit Spring 2007 March 25-27, San Francisco, California

YEAR 2006

September 10, 2006 SAP ESA Evolution. A historic look at SAP ESA evolution - from R/2-to-R/3-to-ESA. View Online
June 26, 2006 Webcast: Enterprise Architecture - A Driver for Business Agility and Governance.There are too many definitions of architectures. Governance is muddled and intertwined with management, and agility can translate into many different things. Bottom line: it depends on who you ask. But how does all this relate to Enterprise Architectures? Listen to this webcast. or request a copy of presentation.
May 20, 2006 :  

Report: Analyzing the SAP Business Intelligence Accelerator (BAI). The SAP BIA is a good news for SAP BI customers. As long as I have been engaged in the SAP BI design since its conception, I see what Shai Agassi demonstrated at the SAPPHIRE’06 in Orlando is a giant performance leap forward in end-user access to the analytical data...This report demystifies what BIA is all about, how it relates to SAP BI solution...  download

 May 15 2006:  Speaker. Demystifying Analytics - Going Beyond Dashboarding. SAPPHIRE/ASUG'06.Orlando.

YEAR 2005

December 23, 2005 Tutorial: Analytics in Service Oriented Business Models and Role of Intelligence Mining. Dec 23, 2005. IEEE INMIC 2005 (TBC)
December 16,17,18, 2005. Workshop: Business Intelligence: Data Warehousing, Data and Text  Mining.   Lahore University of Business Management Sciences, Pakistan.
December 10, 2005 Tutorial: Technologies for Government Transformation: ERP and Beyond. 3rd International Conference on E-Governance. Lahore University of Business Management Sciences, Pakistan.
December 9, 2005 Tutorial: Governance  Aspects of Enterprise Architectures. 3rd International Conference on E-Governance, Lahore University of Business Management Sciences, Pakistan.
December 9, 2005 Keynote: What Government need to learn from Recent Business Governance Models. 3rd International Conference on E-Governance.  Lahore University of Business Management Sciences, Pakistan.
November 10, 2005: Speaker: merging Directions of Enterprise Content Management. The Data Management Association (DAMA) International. Boston. Association of data  Today, the majority of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) processes still remain separate from the core business processes. Moreover, traditional DW and ECM models will not work under new agile business environment. To add such agility, ERP vendors are moving fast towards to adaptable infrastructure that will also embed ECM capabilities. This will radically change the way we think of Enterprise Content Management and Corporate Master Data Management architectures and implementation strategies.  More...

October 10, 2005


Seminar:  SAP's ESA strategy. Understanding SAP's Enterprise Services Architecture message is the first step in transitioning a company to a services-based architecture. But many executives are still scratching their heads.
October 5, 2005:

Speaker:  BI, Content and ERP: The “Harmonic Convergence”, Content Convergence. Intelligent Enterprise Summit,  Norwalk, CT, USA. http://iesummit.com 

September 27, 2005:

Speaker: SAP Technical Education Conference, Boston, USA. September 27-30, 2005

Session #827: Data Mining for Dummies

Session #829: Enterprise Information Architectures for Dummies

September 14, 2005: Oracle Fusion or Oracle conFusion: Thoughts on Oracle acquisition of Seibel Systems. For now, Oracle customers will face quite a huge challenge in navigating through this great Oracle conFusion....more
August 8, 2005: Press Release: Luminaries Tapped for Judging Panel Span Market Research, Media and Corporate Worlds. Intelligent Enterprise and TIBCO Announce Distinguished Panel of Judges for First Annual Intelligent Enterprise Award  more...
July 1, 2005: Dashboard: Well on Our Way to SOA? Still Much To Do... Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, July 1, 2005. more..
June 6, 2005: Few Thoughts on SAP Enterprise Services Initiative - Getting Ready for SAP Enterprise Services Architecture. Information Frameworks.
May 2, 2005: Seminar: Data Mining for Dummies. American SAP User Group Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA (http://www.asug.com/)
March 15 2005: Column: Few thoughts on IBM-Ascential deal. IBM’s acquisition of Ascential Software Inc. is good news for SAP-IBM customers and how SAP could respond to the deal? More... at searchSAP

December 30, 2004:

Jan 1 2005:

Workshop:  Business Intelligence: Data Warehousing and Data Mining.  National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences. Lahore, Pakistan



YEAR 2004

December 24, 2004:  Tutorial: Role of Data Mining in Emerging Business Models: Research opportunities to implement intelligent distributed global services-oriented business applications. IEEE INMIC2004 conference, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences. Dec. 2004
November 9, 2004:  Article: Distributed Extraprise Performance Management (DEPM) in Global Service Oriented Business Operations. Business Intelligence Network. 
November 9, 2004: Speaker: Fundamentals of Data Mining: Data Mining for Dummies. ASUG Technology Forum, Dallas
November 8, 2004:  Speaker: Strategies for implementing High Performance and Content Rich Enterprise Portals, ASUG Technology Forum
October 7, 2004:  Interview: SAP pros working on information overload. Impact of SAP NetWeaver in your enterprise business applications landscape.  SearchSAP
Sept 22, 2004: Guest Speaker: 5th Executive Summit of the AIIM North American Advisory Trade Member Board.  Topic: State of Enterprise Convergence of Content and  ERP?
July 10, 2004:  

Cover Story: Intelligent Enterprise Magazine: ERP and Content Management: Harmonic Convergence? To drive collaborative processes, businesses need embedded intelligence. BI, focused on structured data, is only half of the story: Businesses need content management for the unstructured stuff. ERP wants to be the point of convergence.

June 4, 2004  SAPInsider. BI/Portal Integration Tips.
June 1, 2004  

Cover Story: Intelligent Enterprise Magazine. Embedded BI: Intelligence at Your Service.  As organizations grow to depend on globally distributed service networks, their business intelligence (BI) capability must adapt. Here's how autonomous agents will "embed" BI in business processes to overcome new challenges. more..

MAY 11-13, 2004:

SAPPHIRE 04:  Analyst Coverage. New Orleans, LA.

APRIL 5, 2004:

 Unisys Executive Briefing. SAP NetWeaver: Weaving the Adaptable Business Applications. Minneapolis, MN

MARCH 17, 2004:

Enterprise Content Management strategy in your SAP NetWeaver environment.   http://www.sapbwportals2004.com/

MARCH 15, 2004:

 Advanced lessons for integrating SAP BW reports and analytics into SAP Enterprise Portal http://www.sapbwportals2004.com/

JANUARY 19, 2004: Seminar: Impact of US Recent Laws on Software Industry. Lahore University of Management Sciences. Lahore, Pakistan
JANUARY 19, 2004: Seminar: Emerging Role of Data Mining in Business Applications. National University - FAST, Lahore, Pakistan
JANUARY 16-17 2004:

 Workshop: Business Intelligence - Creating Customer Value. Rausing Executive Center, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore. Pakistan. http://www.lums.edu.pk/EDC/wrk1.htm

JANUARY 12, 2004:  SAP Business Intelligence - Competitive Analysis. NCR Pakistan. Islamabad, Pakistan.

YEAR 2003

NOVEMBER 10-11, 2003: SAP Global IT Industry Analysts Summit, Boston.
NOVEMBER 6, 2003: Webcast: Enterprise Content Management and SAP. Fujitsu.
OCTOBER 28, 2003: Speaker, Data/Information Quality Management, American SAP User Group – Business Intelligence and Technology Annual Conference.
OCTOBER 24, 2003: The Business Side of SAP NetWeaver. Webcast. SearchSAP.com
OCTOBER, 2003:


Cover Story:  Manufacturing Systems Magazine Wielding the right tools.
Proper use of product life-cycle management helps companies—both large and small—find ways to save money and beat the competition 
Manufacturing Systems.

OCTOBER  14 2003: Business Intelligence in Collaborative Business Model and Business Performance. Speaker. International IT Conference, Toronto, Canada- download
OCTOBER 15 2003:

Extraprise Information Factory: An Architecture for Adaptable Applications. Speaker.  International IT Conference, Toronto, Canada

OCTOBER:9, 2003:  Enterprise Content Management Directions. Webcast. Documentum and Fujitsu. Documentum
SEPTEMBER 30, 2003: Speaker.  Intelligent BPM Conference & Expo, Topic: Quality & Security and Business Performance http://intelligentBMP.com/Conference
SEPTEMBER 23, 2003:  Article: Business Intelligence Content Integration Strategies in SAP Portal. Published at SAP Developer Network (http://sdn.sap.com) 
September 16, 2003:  Business Intelligence in Transition. Article. CIO.COM
September 9-11 2003:

Analyst View of SAP Technologies. SAP TechEd 2003. Los Vegas.

August 10, 2003:  

Cover Story. Intelligent Enterprise Magazine.

Analytics in Manufacturing: The Collaboration Enabler

July 2003 :BW Content Integration Strategies in SAP Enterprise Portal,  Article. SAPInsider.
March 23, 2003: SAP Business Information Warehouse Design Strategies for SAP Enterprise Portal. Seminar. SAP Portals and Business Intelligence Conference 2003, Orlando, FL. 
February 27, 2003: Business value of SAP Mobility and Portal Solutions. ASUG Chapter Meeting, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Seminar . Sponsor. Fujitsu Consulting
January 20, 2003:  Information Management Challenges and Strategies for Mid-Size Sugar Manufacturing Companies. Shakarganj Sugar Mill, Jang, Pakistan, Seminar
January 16, 2003: EIF: An Information Architectures for Collaborative Business Applications., Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan. Seminar

YEAR 2002

December  19, 2002:

Business Intelligence and Enterprise Portals. Forum. searchSap.com 

Nov 7, 2002:  The OLAM – On-Line Analytical Data Mining.  Seminar. The Data Warehousing Institute Conference. Orlando, FL. USA.
Nov 5-6, 2002:  Designing High Performance Business Intelligence Solutions. Presentation. Unisys event, Orlando, FL. USA.
November 12-14, 2002  SAP TechED 2002, New Orleans. Industry Analyst
November 1, 2002


BOOK: Getting the Most from Business Intelligence & SAP Business Warehouse:  Published by searchSAP.com.  November  2002. Co-Author: Naeem Hashmi
October 31, 2002: CRM Forum: User-to-User Connection. Moderator. SerachSAPConference. Chicago, IL, USA.
October 30, 2002: The Extraprise Information Factory - An architecture for Collaborative Business Applications, Presentation,  SerachSAPConference. Chicago, IL, USA
October 14, 2002  Enterprise Portals, Business Intelligence and Extraprise Information Factory. ASUG Business Intelligence ad Portals Group Conference,
October 1, 2002:

BOOK: SAP BW Certification: A Business Information Warehouse Study Guide,  Catherine M. Roze Publisher: John Wiley & Sons October 2002  Technical Editor: Naeem Hashmi

October 13, 2002:   Issues and Challenges facing customers when implementing Business Intelligence Solutions. ASUG Business Intelligence ad Portals Group Conference, DenverModerator. Panel Members:  Wayne Eckerson (TDWI) Margaret Anderson (SAP), Joyce Redmon (International Papers)
September 10, 2002:   ERP-Centric Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. Webcast - searchSap.com, Download Presentation
August 20, 2002:  Demystifying Enterprise Portals, Webcast. searchSAP.com  Download Presentation
August 12, 2002:  Portal Forum @ serarchSAP.com   
June 23, 2002  Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in  the eBusiness  World. Keynote. International Conference on Statistics, Data Mining and eBusiness. Knoxville.
June 23, 2002  Data Mining Trends in the ERP world. Value proposition.  Seminar. International Conference of Statistics, Data Mining and eBusiness. Knoxville.
June 23, 2002  What should we be expecting from Future Data Mining tools?   Seminar.  International Conference of Statistics, Data Mining and eBusiness. Knoxville
June 04, 2002  Collaboration and Consolidation   via Portals - The ROI factors. Executive Briefing. Sapphire'02.
MAY 01, 2002  SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Business Intelligence and Extraprise Information Factory - Webcast, searchSAP.com. View Presentation
APRIL 11, 2002: What you need to know before selecting 3rd Party reporting tools for SAP products. Seminar. 'SAP Go Live - Customer  Forum'   View Presentation.
FEBRUARY 25, 2002  Selecting 3rd Parting Data  Analysis Tools for SAP R/3 and SAP BW, Seminar. American SAP User Group Regional Conference.  Boston.
JANUARY 8, 2002: The Extraprise Information Factory - An architecture for  Building Integrated eBusiness Solutions.  Webcast searchSAP.com Download Presentation      .(More)

YEAR 2001

NOVEMBER 8, 2001: The SAP Business Information Warehouse for Data Warehousing Professionals, The Data Warehouse Institute World Conference. View On-Line,  or Download PDF file
NOVEMBER 1, 2001 Thoughts on State of the ERP-centric CRM solutions… eBizChronicle.com
October 30, 2001 Extraprise Information Factory, Webinar, searchSAP.com
OCTOBER 19, 2001: The Next Wave of Cube Centric Integrated Data Mining, OLAP and Visualization Solutions.    View On-Line ASUG Business Intelligence and Analysis  ConferenceSan Antonio, USA
OCTOBER 18, 2001:  CRM: Cutting through the hype. An Interview on CRM directions. searchSAP.com
October 17, 2001 Testing  Business Intelligence Analytics, ASUG Business Intelligence and Analysis Conference
May 2001 The eBusiness Intelligence – Past – present – Future and SAP Solutions. An in-depth Interview with http://www.ecommquest.com.
April 1, 2001 TechTarget.com and SearchSAP.com: Guest Speaker.  “SAP Business Intelligence, 3rd Party tools and the Internet” chat.
January  2001 Microsoft-SAP Executive Congress 2001, Speaker - Success with mySAP Business Intelligence
January 2001  

Cover Story: In Recent Memory - The Real-Time Database Management System, Feature, Intelligent ERP http://www.intelligenterp.com/feature/2001/02/hashmi0201.shtml

YEAR 2000
October 10, 2000 Cover Story: BI for Sale - BI and ASP Connection, Feature, Intelligent ERP http://www.intelligenterp.com/feature/2000/10/hashmiOct20.shtml
October 2000 PlanetIT.com: Roundtable Discussion on eBusiness Intelligence, Moderator, ERP Business Intelligence
October 2000 SAP ASUG BIAG Conference, Speaker and Panelist, Operational Data Store Technology
October 2000 SAP Know-How Conference, Guest Speaker, Business Information Warehouse for SAP Book Review
October 2000 SAP InfoDays - SAP Partners Program, Guest Speaker
October 2000  Oracle Open World 2000, Speaker, Architecting Integrated e-Business and Business Intelligence Solutions
September 2000  

BOOK Published:  Business Information Warehouse for SAP, PrimaTech,  http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0761523359/107-2992831-7294141

September 2000  

Cover Story Not Just Another ODS, Feature, Intelligent ERP http://www.intelligenterp.com/feature/hashmiSep8.shtml     

August 2000  

Cover Story: BI for Sale: Business Intelligence & ASP Connection.  Can Business Intelligence be outsourced? What challenges IT organization face and what ASPs vendor needs to consider when hosting Business Intelligence Solutions. The Intelligent ERP Magazine.

July 2000  

Cover Story: Mix It Up - Defining ERP Data Warehousing, Feature, Intelligent ERP, July 2000   http://www.intelligenterp.com/feature/hashmi.shtml

February 2000 SAP BW Congress, Panelist, Information Delivery Technologies
YEAR 1999
December  1999 2ERP/E Commerce Integration Conference, Speaker, The International Quality & Productivity Center- IQPC
November 1999 11/99 - Oracle World '99, Speaker, ERP, Knowledge Management, and Business Intelligence
October 1999 ASUG BIA Conference, Speaker, Data Mining and ERP Data Warehousing
October 1999 The DWI Flashpoint on ERP DW, Published October 1998  - Wayne Eckerson's Iniative
September 1999 Commentary for Editors/Journalists on ERP Information Management Technologies - Information Week, Application Development Trends, Computer World
August 1999 SAP TechEd '99, Speaker, High Performance Data Warehouse Design
May 3, 1999 ERP Vendors Offer Integrated Analysis, Interview with Information Week May 3 1999.
June 1999 DECUS East '99 Conference, Speaker, ERP BI/CRM Information Warehousing
April 1999 ERP World, Atlanta, Speaker, The ERP Data Warehouse
March 1999 SAP BI ASUG Conference, Speaker, Business Warehouse High Volume Data Loads
February 1999 The Data Warehousing Institute Conference, Speaker, BW Implementation Strategies
YEAR 1998
December 1998 DCI DW Summit - Phoenix, Speaker, BW Implementation Strategies
August 1998 Commentary for Industry Analysts on ERP Information and Supply Chain Technologies - Gartner Group, META Group, Inc., AMR Research, Inc., and the Patricia Seybold Group
November 1998 Compaq/ERP DW Worldwide Teleconference, Speaker
November 1998 ASUG - BW Chapter - Miami, Speaker, Integrating BW With Other ERP Applications
November 1998 The Data Warehousing Institute Summit - Orlando, Speaker and Panelist, ERP DW
October 1998 SAP BW Event - Boston, Speaker, BW Implementation Case Study
October 1998  ASUG - FI Chapter - Dallas, Speaker, Implementing Financial Reporting in BW
October 1998 DECUS - Los Angeles, Speaker, Enterprise DW Architecture and Implementation
September 1998 SAPPHIRE '98 - Los Angeles, Speaker, SAP BW Implementation at Digital
August 1998 SAP TechEd '98 - Los Angeles, Speaker, Technical Issues in Constructing Enterprise Data Warehouses
July 1998  DCI DW World - New York, Panelist on SAP DW Technologies
April 1998 SAP ERP Summit - San Francisco, Speaker, Business Intelligence Implementation Methodology


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