Today's business world is very dynamic. The traditional e-Business paradigm is moving rapidly towards collaborative business models. The agility of emerging distributed and collaborative business processes requires right 'Knowledge and Intelligence' at the right time to make right decision to meet your business objectives.

For government agencies, the 'Knowledge and Intelligence' takes a very different form. The agility of governmental affairs depends on how efficiently civil services are performed and how civilians conduct their affairs/obligations. The key performance metrics are not based on profitability but on delivering quality services to the member of the civic society efficiently.

CoNE Objectives:

  • Theoretical and applied research in the area of knowledge discovery from structured and unstructured data

  • Collect and study public and private entrepreneur data to understand: a. patterns b. relationships between groups of data c. predict future on historical data

  • Algorithmic research in distributed environment

  • Text Mining Multimedia Data Mining

  • Web Mining

The activities at CoNE are not limited to Research activities by Student and Faculty, but also involve Business and Government Organization to ensure right research areas are addressed that researchers and students are skilled to address knowledge management challenges of the emerging world. CoNE will also collaborate with world leading knowledge management and business intelligence through leaders to help CoNE team in formulating research areas and offer coaching/mentoring to researchers

The CoNE collaboration with University's Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP) offers a unique opportunity in advanced Streaming Content Mining for spoken language such as Arabic, Urdu, English, Persian, Sanskrit and Urdu and Regional Eastern languages.  The CRULP is heavily focused on Speech Processing, Language Processing and Script processing (visit http://www.crulp.org for more details) . The Laboratory of Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computations will be a key resource for CoNE new Psyche-Mining imitative.


Current Research Projects

Agricultural Mining (Punjab Data)

Customer Relationship Management Data Mining (Telecommunications)

Financial Data Mining (Stock Market)

Batting/Bowling cluster analysis (Cricket Data)

Cluster Validity Measurements

Determining global sample which should fit for the future data sets

Extraction of rules from distributed data sets


Data Mining

Concepts and Techniques

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning


April 2006: Automation of Financial Loaning System: Accuracy Comparison of ID3 and C4.5 on Financial Data. Authors: Liaquat Majeed Sheikh, Saima Mushtaq, Soban Hameed,WSEAS Transactions on Information Sciences and Application, Issue 4, Vol. 3 April 2006, p852. (ISSN 1709-0832)

February 2006: Automation of Financial Loaning System An Analysis of Classification Algorithms on Different Data Views. Authors:Liaquat Majeed Sheikh,  Saima Mushtaq, Soban Hameed, WSEAS International Conference, Madrid, SPain.

December 2005: Implementation Issues of eGovernance. Aothors: Liaquat Majeed Sheikh, Shabir Ahmad, International conference on eGovernance, Lahore University of Management Sciences. Lahore. Pakistan.

December 2004: Interesting Measures for Mining Association Rules.  IEEE-INMIC conference December, 2004

December 2004: Hosted IEEE-INMIC Conference, December 2004

Upcoming Workshops

March 6, 2007: Paper: A Hybrid Predictive Approach for Real time Domains. IEEE, 5th International Conference on Research, Innovation & Vision for the Future. Hanoi, Vietnam, S. Mushtaq, L. Majeed Sheikh http://www.rivf.org/

December 16-18, 2005. Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data/Text Mining,  Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore- Pakistan . more...

January 2005: Workshop on Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data Mining on 30th - 31st December, 1st January 2005" at Lahore Campus, Pakistan

These workshop covered  fundamentals of Business Intelligence, architectures from strategic perspectives. 50+ Executives, Architects and IT professionals from Government and business attended this session. more...

  Research Sponsorship Opportunities


 Psyche-Mining:  A new research project under discussions. This new area involves developing new algorithms (speech, language, content, and social computing domains) to develop predictive business analytics. Contact Naeem Hashmi, for more information on this new  research opportunity and how it can help your business.
       Active Members and Afflictions
  • Naeem Hashmi. Visiting Faculty, Founder, Chief Research Officer Information Frameworks, USA
  • Liaquat Majeed Sheikh. Associate Professor, National University of Computers and Emerging Sciences, Lahore Campus.
  • Dr. Shafay Shamail. Associate Professor, Lahore University of Management Sciences.
  • Dr. Mian Mohammad Awais. Assistant Professor, Lahore University of Management Sciences.

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